Does Your Company Need Litigation Cost Management?

The insurance industry is filled with so many niche solutions and products these days – how do you know which one is for you? Litigation cost management has been around as long as litigation has (so, forever), but it’s now being recognized as a necessary solution for companies with a lot of litigated claim files on hand. What is Litigation Cost Management? Litigation cost management, legal spend management, cost containment, or claims management, is keeping track of and understanding all cost data surrounding a company’s legal matters. For a large corporation who may see many litigated claims, it’s important to know both micro and macro data, including but not limited to: Which lawyers are on the case The current case…

Jackelyn Ho

13 Digital Insurance Buzzwords You Need to Know

Digital insurance is all the rage these days and it’s evident in the way that companies are flipping an age-old industry on its back. The push stems from customers, internal operations, and unavoidable technological progression, and it’s pretty exciting to see how it will all evolve. With so many new products launching and re-launching in the market, we thought it’d make sense to break down the essential jargon. The next time someone gushes on how their company is building the latest and greatest, you’ll be right on top of the conversation with them. Thank you to our good friends at WeGoLook, the Uber of inspections providing on-demand field services, for helping us perfect this list. They’re leaders in the digital…

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How to Launch a Business You’ll Love From Top to Bottom (Line)

What does the ideal day as an entrepreneur look like to you? For some people, it means taking business calls from the beach with a Mai Tai in your hand (topped off with a tiny umbrella, of course). For others, it means leading yoga retreats in exotic locations, while teaching your students to find inner stillness so you can help them transform their lives – and the world. Whether you prefer to work from bed in your pajamas (or yoga pants) or from Starbucks with a tall pumpkin spice latte, your dream of running your own business is definitely within your grasp. It just takes some time, effort, and proactive planning on your part. Know The Way Out Start with…

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5 Tips To Create An Eco-Friendly Workplace

As a proud advocate at my firm to have greener operations, I really enjoy learning about different ways to make the office more friendly to the environment, and it’s an area where some relatively small changes can go a long way. It’s important to generate interest and enthusiasm in the office about green issues. People usually want to help the environment, but the trick is to find strategies that compliment your business. Having a green workplace is part of our firm culture and we all take pride in doing our part for the environment. Here are my top tips to getting your office to a greener place: Buy recycled content office supplies (we purchase 100% post-consumer paper). We have a near-paperless office,…

Jackelyn Ho

One Crucial Way Aviation Safety Could Help Advance Health Care Programming

Air travel and healthcare have operational parallels, but the key difference for air safety lies in its well-researched top-notch policies and procedures. How can we bring healthcare up to speed? Let’s talk. What does it mean to fly? Air travel is a part of daily business life for many around the world. The concept of being able to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles in under five hours was inconceivable 100 years ago, and even just 50 years ago it was reserved for only the wealthy. Now, air travel is so commonplace, the prospect of being in a pressurized cabin at 35,000 feet and cruising 500 mph is not scary to business people and mothers with children alike. Why? Because of…

Mark Pew

Where Does Technology Stand in the Legal World?

Here’s a question to ponder: how is the legal industry doing? As a profession that’s deep rooted in history and age-old text, it may feel like innovation is scarce. Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder anymore — there’s data for that. Altman Weil, a legal management consulting service, recently released their annual Chief Legal Officer Survey. It’s an in-depth survey that connects with high-level leaders and lawyers of in-house legal departments for a better understanding of their organization’s state of affairs. The survey touched on many different aspects of operations, including cost control, efficiency, technology, data analytics, staffing, and budgeting. Since our company is focused on litigation cost management through state-of-the-art software, you can guess what we zeroed in on….

Jackelyn Ho

Top 5 Questions On Insurance For Restaurants

Congratulations! Whether you’ve been a foodie your whole life or your mom’s home cooking recipes are ready to see the spotlight, opening a restaurant is finally on the horizon. As we all know, knowing how to make a delicious dish is one thing, but running the restaurant is another job on its on. We connected with CoverWallet, an insurance company, and Shelly Nan, Co-Owner and General Manager of Bambu, to tackle one of the most confusing topics in opening restaurant doors: insurance. THE BASICS Do I really need insurance? Yes, absolutely! Because of the nature of a restaurant, there are so many opportunities for something to go wrong. Whether it’s food-related illness, an on-site accident, or an unforeseen event, having insurance…

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So, What’s The Next Big Thing?

You know, sometimes it feels so difficult to keep up with the times. As soon as we hook onto one trend, it’s as if another one pops up just seconds later. Who is setting these trends? Why do some catch on and others don’t? And most importantly, what is the next big thing? We traveled all the way to the heart of Calgary, Alberta to attend the first ever Next Big Thing conference, hosted by multi-talented bloggers Mike Morrison and Kaity Kait. The day included over 30 accomplished speakers with a background in arts, design, writing, marketing, and the creatives. Regardless of their industry, everyone came with one goal in mind: to inspire each other to go after their own…

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Insurance Basics: What Do I Need For a Special Event?

Can you imagine spending months, maybe even years, on a planning an event? Perhaps it’s easiest to keep your fingers crossed and hope that nothing goes wrong, but there is always a chance that something could happen when you least expect it. Thank goodness for special event insurance. Whether it’s your own wedding, a big company party, or a conference, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re covered in the case of an accident. No event is too small to refuse coverage. Worse case scenarios can include: Guests slipping and falling at the venue Property damage at the venue Photographer’s camera and images stolen at the event Natural disaster occurrence that prevents guests from attending Lost or stolen…

Jackelyn Ho

Insurance Basics: Does My Home-Based Startup Need Insurance?

These days, many Americans are stepping out of their comfort zone to become the CEO of their own companies. Since startup costs can be through the roof, it’s easiest to hit the ground running from your very own home. Whether you’re designing crafts for Etsy, heading up a marketing firm, or freelancing as a writer, you are considered a home-based startup and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need insurance. We chatted to our friends at CoverWallet to help you decide what you’ll need. What qualifies as a home-based startup? “Any business that is run out of a client’s home and has less than five employees. A home-based business can be anything from a professional running their own business and…

Jackelyn Ho

#IncLiveChat with Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran is an iconic name in the entrepreneurial world. She’s best known for her fierceness on Shark Tank but originally got her start in real estate as the founder of The Corcoran Group. She started her company with a $1,000 loan from her boyfriend at the time and it’s now worth over five billion dollars. Since her time on Shark Tank, Corcoran has had her hand in over 25 companies, and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

In a recent Twitter Live Chat with Inc Magazine, we got the opportunity to ask her a few questions, which can be seen in the video below or in our full transcription.

Jackelyn Ho

Insurance Basics: Is General Liability Enough?

When it comes to running a business, there’s a lot at stake. Granted, you’re finally the head honcho of your own company, but with that comes great responsibility. Whether you are a retail space or an online business, general liability (GL) is an essential first step to covering your assets. One mistake could cost you a lot and GL helps cover the basics. But, is it enough? We chatted to our friends at CoverWallet for some advice. What does General Liability cover? What are some things it does NOT cover that people usually think it does? “General Liability insurance covers a company or individual for damages that are found to be their fault. For example, if you are a painting…

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