The Best Conferences To Attend For Risk Management, Workers’ Compensation, and Insurance

There’s nothing quite like being in the heat of the business day in and day out, but as professionals, one of the best growth tactics out there is to attend a conference. It’s here that we are able to network, find partners that work in synergy, and discover new clients to help find solutions to their workflow. Although the long days and the cold expo halls can get intense, there’s nothing that beats sharing memories with new friends who understand exactly why you’re in the business. After many years of exhibiting and attending conferences all across the spectrum, these six came in as our top favorites in terms of quality leads, professional yet friendly attendees, and innovative education. RIMS –…

Jackelyn Ho

3 Companies That Prove the Insurance Industry is Changing

Insurance has been around since the ancient world. Can you believe that? In thousands of years, the innovation factor has been on the lower end for providers while the confusing factor has remained high for consumers. After stepping into a new century where technology moves rapidly and impressively, it still feels like the insurance industry is still behind. Why? Well, that whole landscape is finally changing. After a few days hanging out Austin, TX at the annual Dig+In Conference on digital insurance, it was clear that the industry is well on its way into a new time. And the best part? It was in the most intuitive, innovative, and thoughtful ways. From crowdsourcing data to tapping into everyday technology sources…

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Why The Spencer Ed 5K Fun Run is The Best Decision You’ll Make at RIMS

Conferences are all about happy hours and education, right? In that exact order? Well, that’s not the case for RIMS, the must-attend national conference made for risk managers, brokers, underwriters, claims managers, and those of the like. The drinks and business cards flow equally here, but the standout event of the whole week is without a doubt, Spencer Educational Foundation 5k Fun Run.   Launched three years ago at RIMS in New Orleans, this Sedgwick-sponsored race brings together industry professionals to run their hearts out for a good cause. For one, it’s the only event of the conference that keeps attendees feeling fresh and healthy. While participants revel from their all natural runner’s high, funds from the event go straight…

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So, What’s The Next Big Thing?

You know, sometimes it feels so difficult to keep up with the times. As soon as we hook onto one trend, it’s as if another one pops up just seconds later. Who is setting these trends? Why do some catch on and others don’t? And most importantly, what is the next big thing? We traveled all the way to the heart of Calgary, Alberta to attend the first ever Next Big Thing conference, hosted by multi-talented bloggers Mike Morrison and Kaity Kait. The day included over 30 accomplished speakers with a background in arts, design, writing, marketing, and the creatives. Regardless of their industry, everyone came with one goal in mind: to inspire each other to go after their own…

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Insurance Basics: What Do I Need For a Special Event?

Can you imagine spending months, maybe even years, on a planning an event? Perhaps it’s easiest to keep your fingers crossed and hope that nothing goes wrong, but there is always a chance that something could happen when you least expect it. Thank goodness for special event insurance. Whether it’s your own wedding, a big company party, or a conference, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re covered in the case of an accident. No event is too small to refuse coverage. Worse case scenarios can include: Guests slipping and falling at the venue Property damage at the venue Photographer’s camera and images stolen at the event Natural disaster occurrence that prevents guests from attending Lost or stolen…

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#IncLiveChat with Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran is an iconic name in the entrepreneurial world. She’s best known for her fierceness on Shark Tank but originally got her start in real estate as the founder of The Corcoran Group. She started her company with a $1,000 loan from her boyfriend at the time and it’s now worth over five billion dollars. Since her time on Shark Tank, Corcoran has had her hand in over 25 companies, and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

In a recent Twitter Live Chat with Inc Magazine, we got the opportunity to ask her a few questions, which can be seen in the video below or in our full transcription.

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Digital Insurance in the ATX

Our agenda is to discuss the innovations and strategies that are shaping the future of our insurance industry. This includes the impact of drones, autopilot cars, smart homes, big data, and my favorite buzz term of the year, “internet of things”. Every time I hear this word I picture an Ethernet cable plugged into a little box that says “e-widgets”.